Build Promotional Campaigns that Drive Donations

Want to integrate your marketing, advocacy and fundraising?

What if you could create a promotional campaign that got people to sign up, seamessly place your latest advocacy campaign in front of them for action and, once that action was taken, direct them to your fundraising page?   

Would this help your revenue stream?  You Bet!!

Would this type of connectivity help your organization? We thought so. That's why we develoepd the Acquire Edition so your organization can 'acquire' more members and get them to take action!

With Votility's Acquire Edition, your organization can create online promotional campigns that positively affect your fundraising campaigns in minutes. Now you can make donation requests a natural next step in your efforts to motivate and mobilize your members.

  • Develop and launch a customizable promotional campaign in minutes.
  • Build targeted lists of supporters and drive member participation.
  • Associate your fundraising drive to your latest advocacy campaign to increase revenue opportunities.
  • Create unique landing pages for your promotional campaigns with your branding, language and custom forms.
  • Run up to 5 promotional campaign at a time.
  • Easily edit your landing pages for each promotional campaign.
  • Edit the text on the buttons for your promotional campaign.
  • Use your promotional campaign to educate potential new members about your grassroots advocacy efforts.
  • Use your thank you pages from your promotional campaign to inform members about specific pending legislation.
  • Build your email lists with a simple opt-in button to grow your reach.
  • Keep the momentum going and make it easy for promotional participants to contact their representatives about pending legislation.
  • Use your promotional campaign and grassroots advocacy efforts for fundraising.