What Membership Organizations Are Saying About Votility Grassroots Advocacy Software



Votility has helped us automate the entire bill tracking and member engagement process.  We reviewed many advocacy software products prior to purchasing and chose Votility for thee reasons: 

Administrator ease of Use – My staff needed something simple to use that got results. We save a great deal of time by using Votility.

Member ease of use—We needed to increase member engagement in advocacy and Votility has really helped with our engagement rates and our members say they really enjoy having the tool.

Features and Functionality – We needed something that was straightforward and simple for our members to understand and use.  With Votility, the user friendliness was a big plus.

Member Action Data – With Votility we can now track and measure every advocacy action where prior to Votility we were unsure of who was doing what when an Action Alert went out.

Reporting – We needed to be able to aggregate member sentiment and forward it to legislators ahead of a vote.  The Votility data reports are very unique and really help us educate the legislators prior to casting their vote.

Votility is everything we need in advocacy software.  The features and functionality are outstanding, the user friendliness is exceptional, my staff saves a tremendous amount of time and our members are engaging in advocacy.  To date, the Votility software works flawlessly and the customer service is first rate.  We never have trouble getting someone on the line to help, if needed.  As the Executive Director of a state organization whose mission requires engagement in legislative affairs, I would highly recommend Votility to any group, no matter the size." ~Brandon Butler, Conservation Federation of Missouri Executive Director


gary_newton“Using the Rapid Response Email Campaign module within Votility, we had one board member tell us they received more communication on one issue than he had ever seen in his career.” ~Gary Newton, President & CEO, Arkansas Learns






matt_dogali"The two things that matter the most to me are customer service and fixing the stuff that goes wrong. I know I can call and whatever it is will get fixed." ~Matt Dogali, Sr. Director of State Legislative Affairs at International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers





"At Delta Waterfowl, we chose the Votility platform because it is easy to use for our members and the inputting and backside work is equally intuitive and seamless. Our experience to date has been very positive in terms of engagement and our members greatly appreciate the tool for the simplicity it offers them in making their voice heard on policy matters." John Devney, Vice President of U.S. Policy, Delta Waterfowl


"Votility has become a major part of our civic engagement development plan as they have been willing to implement other ideas as customize options to fit our needs. I have had experience with several other political advocacy packages over the last 10 years. We have already dropped one as we eliminate the old practice of using several different products to achieve our grassroots advocacy needs." ~John Harris, Executive Director, Tennessee Firearms Association


Thomas_Worthy_Photo3981820“With over 47,000 members, rapid communication in the heat of a legislative session can be cumbersome and difficult. Thanks to Votility, we were able to communicate quickly and efficiently with our members in the final days of session, when bills move very quickly. That ease of communication helped us receive the needed feedback to amend a troublesome bill before it was too late. Votility software is absolutely vital in helping the State Bar of Georgia achieve its advocacy goals.” -- Thomas Worthy, Director of Governmental Affairs, State Bar of Georgia


What Individual Votility Users Are Saying

"This is the best thing since ice cream."
Stephen O, Pensacola, FL

"This is incredible. A week ago I was telling my wife that the power of the internet / web should be harnessed to provide objective data for voters, telling us what our reps voted for, what the objective of the bill was, and then, whether it worked or not. Votility has accomplished AT LEAST the first two of those. This will DEFINITELY help me in the future with election-day decisions."
Alexander W, Viroqua, WI

"This is the 1st I've heard about Votility. I like it.I have joined. I need the information to make value judgements for the 2012 elections and beyond.I will follow it closely."
James C. T, Paducah, KY

"It would be nice to provide an overview on these bills, your summary section is not really a good fit. Overall you're doing a remarkable job. Keep up the pressure."
Richard C, Ellington, MO

"Just signed up and if they deliver on half of what they say they can keep track of they beat the record of every elected official!"
Linda N, Bradenton, FL

"Votility needs to communicate for us our concerns and suggestions to the Public Officials and let them know how we the people have voted."
Randall N, Duncan, AZ

"I trashed several emails from Votility, until I finally opened one and liked the straight truth and unbiased accounting. I think it is great and will send it to my friends and family. I truly enjoy it."
Guy C, Midwest City, OK

"I am so glad I was informed about Votility! I would otherwise only be in contact with my Senate, and Congressional representatives by phone, and not knowing most of the bills that are currently being considered. Thank You Votility for the great job you are doing, and by all means keep up the good work!"
Kevin O, Dallas, TX

"This is a great website to stay focused and involved. The new Weekly Engage is a welcome addition. I have forwarded the email to all my web friends encouraging them to use the service. Thank you!"
Eric A, Edinboro, PA

"Should be required reading for everyone. A majority do not have a clue as to what their 3 stooges are up to."
John B, Port Washington, NY

"I think that this is a wonderful idea. It's great to be able to have our viewpoints taken to our representatives without having to go through the switchboard. It would be nice, though, to have a spot where we could leave observations about other topics which may not be on the agenda but feel should be. Thanks so much for the opportunity to be involved in this way."
Goria D, Gallatin, TN

"The best idea I have seen in a very long time. I have been notifying all my friends."
John H, Holly Springs, NC

"This is a great website. We need to inform more people to use this method of communication to keep our representatives in line."
Eric A, Edinboro, PA

"I just want the facts. So I love the way Votility makes it so easy for me to get the real data on a bill, instead of trying to read through the spin that these TV pundits keep trying to sell!"
Robert T, Franklin, TN

"I don't come here every day but seem lately its close to it. I really like this service, and yes it is a service. To be able to follow legislation as it moves (or in many cases stalls) through Congress is great. Also I like the function that lets me write my reps in a short, concise letter: all I have to do is print and send. Many times I just fax it. I know the actual rep doesn't often see these things but staffers keep track of pros and cons on any given bill. Numbers matter. Anyway, I love Votility and tell my friends about every chance I get. Keep up the good work."
Jack R. P, Port St. Lucie, FL

"Great site! Easy to use and informative... Please join so we can be heard!"
Amanda C, Franklin, TN