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Votility / iMIS Integration Now Available

Posted by Brent Willis on 10/14/15 9:16 AM

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Votility Launches iMIS Bridge for Grassroots Advocacy Efficiency and Effectiveness.

Two-way_street_thanks_to_Votility_advocacy_softwareVotility, Inc. and technology solutions partner, Association Technology Solutions (ATS), today announce the availability of the iMIS Bridge connecting the Votility Advocacy Platform and all versions of iMIS Association Management Software from 10.6 through 20.2. The bridge maximizes staff efficiency and allows for member advocacy action enabled by Votility to be tracked and analyzed in iMIS.

The partnership was formed in recognition of the growing need for an advocacy software solution that interoperated with an organization's primary member management software. "We saw an industry that often uses disparate, disconnected software. Customers told us they needed more integrated solutions and reached out to ATS, an industry leader, to partner with us to develop them," says Brent Willis, CEO of Votility, Inc.

For iMIS customers, the Votility/iMIS Bridge:

  • Enables organizations to easily create and execute online advocacy campaigns around issues of significance to their members.
  • Provides members with the ability to vote on and personally communicate their position on these issues to individual elected officials who represent them, as well as to committee chairs and other leaders.
  • Stores all member advocacy actions taken in Votility in iMIS activity records linked to that member.
  • Supports member single sign on (SSO)—members login to iMIS with existing credentials and are authenticated automatically to Votility.
  • Creates an iMIS prospect record for non-members who signup via a member advocacy campaign.
  • Authenticates iMIS administrative users to iMIS and Votility simultaneously with SSO.
  • Allows organization to search, filter, and report on member advocacy action with familiar iMIS tools.
  • Displays engagement rates in easy to understand dashboards making it much easier to track and measure member action.
  • Delivers a tightly integrated solution for maximum efficiency at both the member and staff level.

According to Randy Richter, Director of Technology Solutions at ATS, "The Votility/iMIS Bridge provides two-way integration between iMIS and Votility. Through an iMIS single sign on your grassroots advocacy efforts will be seamlessly integrated into your website. The bridge allows for extensive engagement tracking in iMIS so you can see and report on how your members are responding to your advocacy program."

Current iMIS users are touting the benefits of integrated technology and how it helps them achieve their advocacy mission:

"As a professional association who conducts member based advocacy, it was critical for us to have an advocacy platform that was integrated with our iMIS software. From our first contact with Votility, to the implementation of the bridge technology through ATS (which was straight forward), it has been a very smooth process and we are now enjoying the advantages of integrated technology. Due to the ease of Votility, our staff now enjoys much greater efficiency, we will have better member engagement rates in advocacy and can now store that specific member action in iMIS for ease of use internally. We are thrilled to have found Votility and having it integrated into our iMIS platform is a tremendous value to us. I would highly recommend Votility, and their technology bridge for iMIS, for any organization that desires a better way to conduct their advocacy mission."

Christine Lepper
Grassroots / BankPAC Coordinator
Missouri Banker's Association

About Votility

Nashville-based Votility, Inc. provides a powerful yet simple-to-use software platform that enables organizations to galvanize its membership into action around issues of common interest and importance. These interactive member engagement tools increase the efficiency and effectiveness of grassroots advocacy campaigns. Votility products center on increasing the depth of education and speed of communication around public policy and other matters, and are used by business and trade associations, issue advocacy groups and political organizations.

See the ATS partner page on our website for more information, including screen shots showing the Votility/iMIS Bridge in action.

Brent Willis

Written by Brent Willis

People want to be heard other then just voting every 2,4, or 6 years. Groups that engage them and measure it are positioned to win the public policy battles of the future. My vision and mission is to revive the civic engagement of the American citizen in government relations; at the federal, state, and local level.

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