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Critical Do's and Dont's of Advocacy Action Alerts

Posted by Brent Willis on 11/16/15 3:45 PM

 So, you want to get your members engaged in advocacy, do you?  Well, there are some tricks of the trade you need to be aware of so your efforts don’t go in vain.

Being in the advocacy software business, we have customers, often donor / member-based organizations, who use our software to engage their members in grassroots advocacy—meaning, they want them to take some sort of action to help further a common cause. We have daily conversations about ‘best practices’ with the staff and leadership of these groups and the long and short of the story is: some get it and some don’t.

For those who have ears to hear, here are some Do's that will better ensure your advocacy success.


Votility / iMIS Integration Now Available

Posted by Brent Willis on 10/14/15 9:16 AM

Votility Launches iMIS Bridge for Grassroots Advocacy Efficiency and Effectiveness.

Votility, Inc. and technology solutions partner, Association Technology Solutions (ATS), today announce the availability of the iMIS Bridge connecting the Votility Advocacy Platform and all versions of iMIS Association Management Software from 10.6 through 20.2. The bridge maximizes staff efficiency and allows for member advocacy action enabled by Votility to be tracked and analyzed in iMIS.


3 Reasons Your Membership and Donor Marketing is Annoying

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 4/24/15 10:29 AM

I come from the for-profit world, and if you were to ask anyone who has ever worked with me, they will likely tell you that I am a serious, no fuss kind of person. And the reason is simple. I believe that businesses have a moral responsibility to do right by their customers and clients.


Inbound for Non Profits is a No Brainer

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 4/22/15 11:39 AM

Can the non profit world can learn from corporate?

Before I decided to go into journalism and communications right after high school, I fancied that I might go to college for music. For my senior project, I transcribed the classic 'moonlight sonata' on piano into classical guitar tablature. The musical principles were the same, both were string instruments that I could play- so why play one of my favorite songs on just piano?


The Engagement Link Between Community and Advocacy

Posted by Andy Steggles on 3/26/15 7:00 AM

Online community platforms and advocacy campaigns have one major component in common: engagement. There have been several studies showing positive correlations between engagement with an association’s online community and positive transactional outcomes.

Those who engage in the community are more likely to renew their membership, attend meetings, purchase products and recommend the organization to a friend. But what are the opportunities related to advocacy and promoting important legislative agendas?


How to Create an Online Grassroots Community Plan for Lobbying

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 3/5/15 7:00 AM

Combine the power of online communities and advocacy to increase member engagement.

Creating an online community to educate and engage people around specific topics always sounds like a great idea, until someone realizes how much work is involved. It can seem like a full time job, and in reality it is. From what tools to use, how to get people to join, and how to create an experience that get people to want to engage- it gets overwhelming fast.


Are You Closing the Legislative Advocacy Loop?

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 1/2/15 12:30 PM

Part of planning the strategy for the new year is looking back at the past year. What worked well and got the most engagement from the campaigns that you ran? Which bills were important to members? What bills passed or didn't? How did your legislators vote on those bills?


[Press Release] Higher Logic and Votility Partner to Expand Member Engagement Tools

Posted by Brent Willis on 12/12/14 2:30 PM

Today we are officially announcing a partnership with Higher Logic, an industry-leading, cloud-based community platform, with over 25 million engaged members in more than 200,000 communities.


Measureable Member Engagement is Here to Stay

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 10/31/14 2:23 PM

I have been reading a lot about engagement and how to measure it lately. Because I come from a commercial marketing background, I know what the value of engagement is for brands. It means everything for customer loyalty, retention, revenue, and business growth. Thanks to the internet and all the big data every interaction online creates, we can measure and monetize engagement. 


Exemplary Nonprofit Engagement: UNICEF

Posted by Erica Hatch on 8/22/14 9:30 AM

Who They Are and What They Do

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), was founded in 1946 for the purpose of providing emergency food and healthcare to children from countries directly affected by World War II. Today, UNICEF is an organization that focuses on the survival of children through a wide array of humanitarian actions, including protection of children and families and education of their situations. UNICEF also provides long-term humanitarian assistance to mothers in developing countries.