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Are You Closing the Legislative Advocacy Loop?

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 1/2/15 12:30 PM

Part of planning the strategy for the new year is looking back at the past year. What worked well and got the most engagement from the campaigns that you ran? Which bills were important to members? What bills passed or didn't? How did your legislators vote on those bills?


Does That Bill Have a Chance at Passing?

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 12/3/14 4:52 PM

Bill prognosis has become a hot topic in the bill tracking industry lately. Everyone wants to know if their efforts are going to pay off.  Some companies trying to differentiate themselves by guessing the probability of a bills passage based on a “complicated proprietary algorithm,” while others tell you the only way is to hire their team of “professional analysts” to help you make those determinations.

Here is my “complicated proprietary algorithm” and “professional analysis” all in one sentence.  Most likely (yes, that is a scientific term) the bill you are tracking is going to fail. In fact, an astounding 85% of bills (excluding resolutions) fail in the states every session.


The Ultimate Legislative Advocacy Checklist

Posted by Erica Hatch on 9/5/14 1:40 PM

How to Impact Public Policy in 14 Steps or Less

All bills generally follow the same path through the US Senate and House of Representatives. The process consists of 14 steps, each of which provides opportunities for your advocacy organization to influence the outcome. When you align your advocacy activities with the 14 steps, you will be able to effectively engage and inspire members to get involved. If you also give your members easy and effective ways to take action, you are likely to make a major impact and influence policy.