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Can a Grassroots Movement Bring Change to Leadership?

Posted by Brian Banbridge on 10/18/13 7:15 AM

It has become increasingly clear to every American that our elected officials in Washington are very good at rhetoric, at pointing fingers, and fostering an increasing sense of acrimony throughout the country. What they are not good at is being the leaders they were elected to be. Depending on the polls you choose to believe, President Obama’s approval rating has fallen to roughly 37% and Congress is struggling to break out of the single digits.


How One Advocacy Group Manages Grassroots Lobbying and Organizing

Posted by Brent Willis on 5/15/13 7:25 AM

The Tennessee Firearms Association is a non-profit advocacy group that was formed to promote the right to keep and bear arms. This full-time, membership organization seeks to educate citizens on the responsible use, ownership and carrying of firearms as well as serve as an advocate on legislative matters affecting the 2nd Amendment.