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Grassroots Campaigns — Independence Day Style

Posted by Jeff Ryan on 7/3/14 11:05 AM

Advocacy has always been the cornerstone of freedom

As we Americans prepare for a long weekend off to honor our country’s freedom, let's consider the role of advocacy in establishing and maintaining our democracy.


How to Use the Obamacare Cat Fight for Grassroots Lobbying

Posted by Brian Banbridge on 11/12/13 10:54 AM

How Associations Benefit from the Obamacare Fracas

Obamacare will go down in history as one of the largest political catfights our nation has ever seen. From Seattle to Tampa and New York to San Diego, both sides are embroiled in a legislative battle the scale of which America hasn’t seen since Roe v. Wade. At the moment, roughly 90% of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is doing their job. A further 61% disapprove of the way President Obama is doing his.

That’s the dark cloud, and private organizations, trade associations, and Chambers of Commerce are the silver lining to it. If ever there was a time when the opportunity to lead was so blatantly up for grabs, I can’t think of one. Fortunately, many of these potential leadership incubators already have the infrastructure and people in place to force the issues in DC and bring direction back to the country.


Can a Grassroots Movement Bring Change to Leadership?

Posted by Brian Banbridge on 10/18/13 7:15 AM

It has become increasingly clear to every American that our elected officials in Washington are very good at rhetoric, at pointing fingers, and fostering an increasing sense of acrimony throughout the country. What they are not good at is being the leaders they were elected to be. Depending on the polls you choose to believe, President Obama’s approval rating has fallen to roughly 37% and Congress is struggling to break out of the single digits.