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From Zero to 60 with Grassroots Activism: Arkansas Learns Case Study

Posted by Brent Willis on 7/8/15 12:32 PM

The Financial Challenge of Grassroots Activism

It has been said that “We can always live on less when we have more to live for.” Nowhere is this sentiment tested more than nonprofit work (and especially grassroots activism). While there is no doubt that our passion and utilizing our base of volunteers can fuel an impressive amount of progress, the “living on less” part can turn from a practical reality into a stiffling momemtum killer.

Yes, nonprofits are often asked to do more with less. And arguably, they need to be smarter with their decision making than for-profit organizations, simply because they often don’t have the resources to pay for their mistakes.

With the stakes so high, many nonprofits are looking to work leaner and smarter than ever before. And many are counting on technology to help them succeed.