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Exemplary Nonprofit Engagement: Safe Passage

Posted by Erica Hatch on 7/25/14 10:52 AM

Who They Are and What They Do

Safe Passage is based in Yarmouth, Maine.  The organization works to bring education, opportunity, and hope to at-risk children and families who live in extreme poverty near the garbage dump in Guatemala City.  The organization is made up of dedicated professionals, teachers, staff, sponsors, and volunteers from various countries all over the world.  They help over 550 children that range anywhere from 2 to 21 years old.


5 Steps to Build Donor Loyalty Through Social Media

Posted by Gretchen Barry on 7/18/14 11:18 AM

Social Media Was Made for Nonprofits

We love it, and we hate it. But regardless of how you feel about social media at any given moment, it’s here to stay. The great news for nonprofits is that social media is custom made for your mission because it allows you to have a consistent and meaningful connection with your donors. There is no market more suited for a social media platform than the nonprofit industry. 


How to Use Social Media for Excellent Member Engagement

Posted by Erica Hatch on 6/26/14 8:27 AM

Nonprofits: the Unsung Heroes of the Business World


Get Off Your Ask ;)

Posted by Erica Hatch on 6/24/14 2:05 PM

Nonprofit Organizations Run on Donations

For nonprofit groups and organizations, getting out there and asking for donations is a must. Unfortunately, for many individuals, asking for money is a very uncomfortable task. Fear of rejection plays a major role in the anxiety that surrounds asking. But that’s the worst outcome of asking: having someone say “no.” And that’s not really so bad, is it? Just ask someone else!


Engaging Donors with the Heart — It's Not a Fairytale

Posted by Jeff Ryan on 6/2/14 9:29 AM

How One Nonprofit Organization Makes Dreams Come True Simply By Being Themselves

I recently had the honor of serving as a judge in the New Hampshire Creative Club’s 26th Annual Juried Exhibition. When we got to the video portion of the entries, there was one piece that clearly moved all of us. While some pieces had slicker production and professional voiceovers, it was the genuineness of the story and the way it was told that held us from beginning to end. And more important, it made us want to befriend the group that was behind this amazing success story.

The video was for the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth (New Hampshire). What made this story so compelling was that it came from the heart and expressed the good work that the organization is doing, while never dipping into cliche.

It would be so easy for this (or any) organization to rely on the tried-and-true donor engagement strategy — the “problem," “solution," “money needed to fix it,” and “donate now” story we’ve all heard so many times before.

What elevated this piece over the rest is that it told the story from a refreshing and creative new angle. Using the storybook theme that was the theme of their annual fundraising event, they wove the tale of how the children’s hospital was founded by an incredibly gifted and generous man and how he inspired a whole kingdom of medical professionals and donors to create this place that works magic with hundreds of children and their families. We learn in a captivating way how this incredible hospital has made the community and the world better because of it.

Please take a few moments to watch this beautiful piece.


How Does Your Donor Relations Strategy Impact Donor Engagement?

Posted by Jeff Ryan on 5/30/14 3:20 PM

A quick look in your wallet or purse tells you all you need to know about the proliferation of loyalty programs. We are awash with frequent flyer programs, coffee shop punch cards, office superstore discount cards and any number of other programs designed to make us feel special.