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A Civic Engagement Strategy in 6 Steps

Posted by Brent Willis on 8/15/13 12:12 PM

Civic Innovation: Shaping Communities for the 21st Century

Having recently attended the 2013 ACCE conference in Oklahoma City, (a thought leadership conference for chamber executives) I wanted to pass along some notes on a really interesting workshop.  It dealt with a specific process that any group, city governmental department, business or advocacy organization can follow to involve people and solve the complex issue management problems being faced by communities around the country today.  Attention to advocacy has increased as more technologies have enabled everyday citizens to broadcast their voice and gain a following. 


7 Civic Participation Education Lessons

Posted by Brent Willis on 7/5/13 1:20 PM

In life, education is the key to success. The more you know and the better you will be at your job. The same is true when it comes to grassroots campaigns. That is why it is important for you to become an expert regarding the pending legislation that you want to influence.