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Attracting the next generation of advocates

Posted by Brooke Soucie on 5/27/15 1:00 PM

I am a millennial, and advocacy is certainly not something that I would say is important to me. However, I am just starting a new business, and starting to realize that things like taxes and other regulations could impact the way I start and run that business. But I am busy enough, and it seems like something that is really far off. And even if it were something that was going to happen tomorrow, I am not sure I would feel that my email or phone call is really going to make the difference to a legislator that I didn’t even vote for.


[Press Release] Abila Marketplace and Votility Announce Partnership to Offer Integrated Advocacy Platform

Posted by Brooke Soucie on 2/23/15 10:30 AM

Votility Launches on the Abila Marketplace

Brentwood, Tenn.  February 23, 2015 – Today Votility announced it has launched it’s grassroots advocacy platform on the Abila Marketplace, which is designed to provide nonprofits and associations with quick and easy access to tools and services to enhance their existing Abila products. Votility's easy and seamless API, with Single Sign On (SSO), integration with Abila gives organizations the ability to tie marketing, advocacy and fundraising together, creating a better donor and advocacy experience that leads to increased member engagement.