Your members want to engage in advocacy.

Advocacy_Campaign_Strategy_Checklist_coverAccording to a 2014 M & R Benchmarks study, advocacy emails have a 625% higher click rate over fundraising, and a 41% higher rate than newsletters.

Organizations that engage in advocacy with their members offer more value and retain more members.

The question isn't whether your members want to engage in advocacy, but how. Getting started can be overwhelming. That is why we teamed up with BillTrack50 to give you a place to start.



Download the Advocacy Campaign Strategy Checklist to guide you on how to:

  • Develop an advocacy strategy that aligns with your mission and business goals.
  • Select the right technology to create your advocacy toolbox.
  • Execute your advocacy plan and engage the right members at the right time.
  • Close the advocacy communication loop and follow up on results with members and legislators.

Download this eGuide to get started today!